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Paul Prudhomme to Return to New Orleans

According to the New York Times, this Friday, Chef Paul Prudhomme plans to lead a caravan of trucks from Alabama to his offices in Elmwood, Louisinana, where he intends to cook (in the parking lot, if he has to) for “anyone who needs it.”

“We’ve got generators, food and trailers, and we’ll cook for anyone who needs it,” he said, adding with a shout, “We’re going home, baby!”

In addition, The Council of Independant Restaurants of America, has set up a job bank for displaced workers at their website.

In the Miami Herald, a food writer muses on the fate of New Orleans’ food culture.

Meanwhile, Americans are warned that food prices are likely to rise as a consequence of the hurricane damage. The Washington Post reports that coffee, bananas, chicken and seafood prices are bound to rise in the coming weeks, citing transportation difficulties, fuel prices and lack of water and electricity in slaughterhouses and farm buildings as the root causes.

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