Public Enemy Number One: The Kitten

The only reason the little git yet lives is because he is so damned cute.

I was nearly finished with Part Four of the seemingly never-ending series of “Those Darned Chemicals” when Mr. Pain in my Tuchus decided to step on the switch to the power bar/surge protector on my computer.

And I lost the whole blessed post.

The little twit.

And he just skittered under my desk again. (Only to be chased out with a well-placed hiss from me and muttered threats of beheading.)

I wonder how he would taste, sauteed with butter and garlic?

Or perhaps I should stir fry him with garlic, and scallions with just a hint of sesame oil at the end?

I am going to leave off with the writing now and recreate the post on Monday. I have too many other things to do today to worry about it.

I can’t believe it! He went back there AGAIN! ARGH!!!!!


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  1. Disaster!

    You could compose your posts in gmail. It has just begun auto-saving and now every time its little message flashes telling me it auto-saved I feel a rush of satisfaction washing over me: ahh, Google just improved my life…again.

    Comment by mzn — October 9, 2005 #

  2. Yes, but can you do hypertext links in gmail? If so, then I will switch to that.

    Generally if I write a really long post that doesn’t include hypertext, I will just write it in Word and then transfer it to Blogger.

    But, when there is hypertext, that makes it a bit difficult. I could always write it and then add links, but I always forget a link or two that way.

    I will be able to recreate it–no worries–it was just frustrating at the time.

    Twitty little cat!

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — October 9, 2005 #

  3. Augh!!! I hate that when that happens! Isn’t there a save option when you’re doing the hypertext version? (I suffered through many many win95 crashes and came to love my sister’s maxim “save early. save often”.)

    Here’s something you might try: build a balloon barrier. Use the long kind that people use to make balloon animals.

    When our cat was a kitten, he really really wanted to climb the Christmas tree. Santa had been given some of those long balloons. So we blew some up. And our cat, being a kitten, thought the balloons were new toys. His sharp little claws popped two balloons before he carefully backed away. We completely surrounded the tree with a barrier of balloons and he stayed well away.

    He is now 16 and even though he hasn’t popped any balloons since kittenhood, is still very wary of blown up balloons and skirts around them whenever he sees them.


    Comment by ejm — October 10, 2005 #

  4. And if I were one of those folks you wrote about earlier, I’d say: “I don’t mind eating a cat ,as long as it doesn’t look like a cat. It grosses me out”.

    Comment by Hadar — October 10, 2005 #

  5. i’d like to try ‘kitty carpaccio’ please, perhaps with a little lemon juice

    “save as draft often” is one of my mantras

    sorry to hear it happened to you

    Comment by Sam Breach (Sixy Beast) — October 10, 2005 #

  6. Hello, Elizabeth–a balloon barrier. I might try that. Of course, I might explode out of my chair and break the keyboard when he breaks one and scares me to death, but well, it will make life interesting, will it not?

    Hadar! LOL! You just made my day! That was a good one!

    I know–I could cook him so he looks like tofu. He’s white. It would work. Just cut him into little cubes. 😉

    Sam–you are right. Save as Draft will for now and ever be my friend. (I know better than this, too. When I write on Word, like when I work on articles for publication, or my novel or whatever, I am OCD about saving.)

    Kitty carpaccio with lemon. Perhaps with some capers on the side too, dear? 😉

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — October 10, 2005 #

  7. You can teach him the hazards of balloons when you first blow them up to make the barrier. I can pretty well guarantee that after he has popped two balloons, he won’t try sneaking up behind you to ever pop any more balloons again.

    Our cat hasn’t popped any balloons since he was a kitten and delicately backs away whenever he sees balloons now.


    P.S. Kitty carpaccio? How unsavoury. One should NEVER eat raw kitten, no matter how fresh… :^)

    Comment by ejm — October 14, 2005 #

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