Kitchen Cabinets Unveiled

Okay, the cabinets are not hung yet, but they did get carried up from our garage and unpacked today, and as you can see, they are very, very pretty.

They would have started installing them, except the man in charge of our kitchen construction was called out on an emergency job, and he couldn’t make it today. Our kitchen designer, Shawna, didn’t want a different person taking over–she wanted Tad to be the one to see the project through from the beginning to the end, so she sent some guys to just bring the cabinets up and unload them so that Tad and his crew could just start right in on Monday.

There on the left are the bookcases; they are going to go into that hole you could see in the wall next to that door behind them.

And you can also see how the colors are going to work together–the moss green cabinets are a glazed oak, and in the foreground, you can see the honey-stained oak as well, that will match the floors throughout the rest of the house, which are the same wood and color.

Here is the slideing compartment in the silverware drawer–you can see that we can stack two drawers worth of silverware in the space of one drawer’s worth–no wasted space. I really, really like that.

And the hardware is of really great quality–the action is very smooth.

BTW–the cabinets are made by KraftMaid, and the doors are mostly the solid wood you see here, though there are also some doors with glass doors, which are still packed carefully in boxes in the dining room, waiting to be put on the cabinets after they are hung. They look like this.

Here you can get a good look at the honey oak next to the wall paint and the floor, as well as get a nice glance at the shape of the doors themselves.

They are very simple; the decorative look we are going for in this room is Arts and Crafts, so the hardware is going to be really different–cast bronze in two different styles–knobs for the drawers and handles for the doors. When they have installed them, I will take photographs–the styles we chose are not on the website, that I can tell anyway.

So, that is the excitement for today. The entire world of our house seems to be covered in white fine dust, but the cabinets are here, they are soon to be installed in our walls, and then the countertop installer will come and measure for the counters, and the shape of the room will finally be apparent.

Then, the countertops go in, then the tile backsplash, then the appliances and finally, the vent hood and decorative accents.

It is coming along beautifully. I am so excited–it is so thrilling to see with my own eyes, the vision I had come into being.

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