Kitchen Update: Cabinets!

About one half of the cabinets are hung and installed!

Oh, it is exciting to leave the house, with the kitchen being a mess of unpacked cabinetry and come home to see it all taking shape.

There on the left you see the right side of the windows. There is an open cabinet, then the larger cabient, then the half cabinet–under that will be my microwave–and then on the extreme right is the enclosure with small cabinets overhead for the refrigerator.

Now in the picture on the right, we have the other side of the room–again, an open cabinet, then two larger, covered cabinets.

All of the base cabinets have pull outs–the one up above is in what would normally be a dead space where you couldn’t utilize the area because of the dishwasher that is going in beside it. However, there is a very clever series of pull-outs that utilize all of that space, including that corner.

The corner cabinet on the right over there has lazy susan shelves.

Here on the left again, you can see the enclosure for the refrigerator, and beyond it, the honey-colored oak door to the kitchen that goes into the dining room–that was already in the house–I am just happy that the woods match so well.

I also like how there is room to display/store larger items up on the top of the cabinets–that is excellent. I had that in my old kitchen in Pataskala, and I really, really liked that look. It was homey, and it gave me a chance to put some of my odder looking stuff out where it could be seen, but wasn’t taking up useful space.

There on the right are the windows, and the cabinets there. You can see the blank spot where the dishwasher will go and to the left of that–the whole space on top will be taken up by an undermounted black cast iron sink–one big, deep sink, with no partitions. That way, I can wash my woks and stockpots easily.

Finally, there is the corner where the built in bookcases are living. I felt bad for the guys who were putting those in–they were really tight to fit, but they got them. There will be oak baseboards that go straight across the bottom there.

Tomorrow, I expect they will finish with the cabinets and then install the hardware on them. I will definately photograph those–they are very, very pretty, and quite functional. And I will post pictures of the pullouts on the base cabinets.

After this–they will have the space measured for the countertop and it will be installed, then the tile backsplash, under-cabinet lights and appliances and vent hood.

And then, it will be finished.

This is just too exciting to watch. It is like a drama unfolding!

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