Kitchen Update: Bookcases!

So I have moved the majority of the cookbooks into their new home in the built-in bookshelves in the kitchen.

As you can see, Grimalkin has moved in as well, and approves of the open spaces. I approve of them too, however, for a different reason.

Whereas she is always on the lookout for a new place to occupy, preferably high above the floor where she can survey her domain and choose likely feline targets to dive bomb, I am always thrilled when I can have room for more books.

However, I have to admit that not all of the cookbooks are in those cases, so appearances are decieving.

I still have the culinary reference and food literature books in my office, mainly because they are more often used at my desk than in the kitchen. While Larousse does have recipes, I generally use it to look up details of culinary history or to find out the classical method of producing a certain dish than I use it to cook from. Also, all of my books on food history, some of which may or may not have recipes, are in my office, as they, too, are of more use in my writing than in my cookery.

A second chunk of the collection is in the upstairs kitchen: my entire collection of Chinese cookbooks and books on Chinese food and culture. Since much of what I will be teaching is Chinese food, it makes a great deal fo sense to keep them up there, though they are threatening to overrun the bookcase I have set aside for them. Probably what I will do is bring down a handful of them to the downstairs kitchen–these being the ones I actually cook from, and leave the rest upstairs, but who knows–it may pay to leave them all upstairs.

I haven’t decided yet.

While I may be indecisive, Grimmy seems to have the issue well in hand. I am not allowed to fill up all of the shelves, she tells me (in rather definate and plaintive meows) as she has far too much fun lurking in the empty shelves.

I suspect that her lurking will be for a limited time only. Such an avid reader and collector of cookbooks am I that I cannot imagine that she will have shelter there for long.

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