Weekend Cat Blogging: Are you a Good Cat or a Bad Cat?

I promised a few more pictures of Dandelion for today’s weekend cat blogging, so here are a couple that show the two sides of her personality.

On the left, you see she is alert, sweet-tempered and gentle. Playful and inclined to purr.

On the right, you see the Cat from Hell.

Actually, on the right you see her yawning again–she makes the most evil faces when she yawns.

In truth, little Dandel, as we often call her, is a very good natured girl cat, full of playful grace and lithe strength. She is getting along with the other cats famously–she plays with the younger boys, Lennier and Gummitch in particular, and with the kitten, Tatter. She is a little afraid of Ozy, because he is so large, but she sniffs noses with him respectfully and lets him pass. Jack has shown no inclination to bother her and when Grimalkin tries to dominate her, Dandel holds her own, sometimes with the help of gallant Gummitch, who is still in love with her and watches her from afar with moon eyes.

For more weekend cat blogging, check in with Claire and Kiri at Eatstuff–she is out of the hospital and recovering nicely, I am happy to say!


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  1. That yawn is rather scary looking!

    Is she as much black on her back? I think that adds to her “evil look” when she’s yawning. 😉

    Comment by Charlotte — November 20, 2005 #

  2. She is pretty speckled with orange on her back–it is just her face that is parti-colored like that.

    She is a sweet little girl cat, though. She just looks like pure evil when she yawns.

    Unlike the kitten who looks as sweet as sugar but who really is the spawn of Satan.

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — November 20, 2005 #

  3. Yes, she does look evil with that yawn. Good thing you explained the pic. :G:

    Comment by b'gina — November 20, 2005 #

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