Kitchen Update: Countertops!

The countertops have been installed!

Of course, the kitchen now smells of silicone and solvents, but it is beautiful, so the smell–well, I can live with it for a day or two.

To the right you can see the desk, by the door to the kitchen. The kitchen is the first room anyone sees in the house because that is the door everyone comes into.

Below is the color of the engineered quartz countertop–it is Zodiaq from DuPont, and the color is called “Smoky Topaz.” If you look on the color chart, the photograph Dupont provides really doesn’t do the material justice–it is a mossy green, with reddish bits, black bits, golden brown and grey.

The photograph to the left here is still not really a good representation of of the countertop material, but you get the idea. (The official photo is too dark–this one I took is too light and washed out looking. The actual colors are somewhere between these two extremes.)

What is neat is that it has all of the colors of the kitchen in it–the greens of the cabinetry and walls, the red in the floor tiles, the golden brown of wood (and it brings out the reddish highlights in the oak), and the black that is in the windowframe and that will be in the hood and the appliances. (All of them except for the stove will be black.)

And, I found out that all of the appliances are at Clintonville Electric and are ready to be shipped, so after the tiling is done next Monday or Tuesday (the tile is great–it, like the countertop–echoes all of the colors of the kitchen), we can have the appliances delivered and installed.

Sometime this week, the plumbing for the sink–which you can see part of in the photograph below–will be done. The faucets are old fashioned-looking and in oil rubbed bronze finish to match the hardware on the cabinetry.

There will be a filtration system for the drinking water and we bought a kick-ass garbage disposal for them to install.

Also the rest of the window frame will be painted this week.

Oh, and I found the perfect lightswitch covers and outlet plates for the room–they echo the Arts and Crafts movement feel to the bronze hardware on the cabinets–they have the same details in the corners.

I’ll have to order those tonight so that they can get here in decent time.

Morganna came home from school and was ecstatic to see the counters–her eyes brightened up, and she danced around. She is very excited to know that we will have our kitchen done by Christmas so we can do baking in it.

She wants to have a Christmas cookie party here–which of course, I cannot help but agree with.

She darted around from place to place on the counter, saying, “We can put one person’s work station here, another here and here and here, and then one on the rolling cart, and if we need to, we can sit someone at Mom’s desk in the corner!”

I cannot help but share her enthusiasm.

As more developments occur, have no fear–more pictures will be posted. The sink and painting should be done this week.

And then, it is tiling!

And finally–appliances.

And then! What then? Well, then I can have a party and finally turn forty for honest and for true.

I just have to figure out what kind of food to make for the birthday bash….

Zak says we need to have a Chinese feast.

I think he may be right.


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  1. The kitchen looks nice! And look at all the windows!!!!

    Sorry… I like big windows. Big on lighting in general.

    But it does look very good so far.

    Comment by Karyl — November 29, 2005 #

  2. Hey Barb, the new kitchen looks great. I hope to be up in Athens after the Fish returns from abroad.


    Comment by Tom Riley — November 30, 2005 #

  3. Karyl–I am a big light and natural light person myself. Which is why the ceiling has about sixteen recessed can lights. The original kitchen was dark and drear in the extreme.

    Tom–it will be wonderful to see you, as always! By then, hopefully, the kitchen will be done and together.

    Maybe we can coordinate your visit with my fortieth birthday party. It wouldn’t be the same without you there–as of course, you were present for the thirtieth, all those years ago.

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — November 30, 2005 #

  4. Hey Mei Mei,
    I got an idea…..
    Let’s take a wok on the wild side 😉
    I’ll bring mine and we can go at it!

    Comment by Bryian — November 30, 2005 #

  5. Hey, Ghuh Ghuh

    –as soon as that stove and the vent hood are installed (no need to set the ceiling on fire), you will be the first I call.

    The stove comes in on Tuesday and is going to be installed on Wednsday.

    The vent hood should be installed on Thursday.

    How does next Thursday or Friday sound?

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — November 30, 2005 #

  6. Barbara – I’m green with envy, can’t wait to see the appliances. Natural light is also the best for taking photo’s as well.

    Comment by Kirk — November 30, 2005 #

  7. Thank you, Kirk–my kitchen is green with–well, green, I guess.


    I will definately keep posting pictures. Tomorrow, the tiling gets done, because the timetable is moved up.

    So, look for new pics tomorrow.

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — November 30, 2005 #

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