2005 Food Blog Award Nominations are Open

Hello, gentle readers. I just wanted to point everyone over to The Accidental Hedonist blog (if you don’t read it, you really are missing out on quality writing) where Kate is taking nominations for the 2005 Food Blog Awards. The awards started last year, and the winners were announced right around the time I started blogging back in January of this year.

From the list of winners, I have found writers, cooks and storytellers to admire and emulate.

From this year’s list of nominees, I am happy to say that I see a great many friends.

(I am also happy to see that some folks nominated me in a couple of different categories, which makes me pretty proud, too.)

So, high thee hence over to Kate’s place and check out the skinny on the awards, and if you feel moved to–nominate some folks who have worked hard to entertain and edify y’all over the past year.

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