Doings at the Paper Palate

This is just a quick post to keep all of my readers up to date on what I am writing for the Paper Palate, and to give y’all a taste of some of the other great writing you can find on the Well Fed Network.

Inspired by a NY Times article called “Generation Pad Thai,” I expounded on kids, food, and kid food, on th 16th with “Kid Food: Little Palates And Big Appetites.”

The NY Post published a bit piece about yet another freelance writer demanding comps from a restaurant, so I explored the complex issue on the 18th.

On the 19th, careful reader Rose and I noticed that I had scooped the NY Times (sort of anyway) on the subject of umami, so of course, I wrote about that. ( I tried hard not to gloat too much.)

And finally, on the 20th, I reviewed Paula Deen’s new magazine. (Yes, Paula Deen has a new magazine. No, I don’t much like it, though she seems like a very nice lady.)

On the 17th, Christina of The Thorngrove Table presented a tasty-sounding recipe from Olive magazine–Steak with Spanish Tomato Salad.

And on the 15th, Beth ofHold the Raisins did a lovely job of testing Grace Young’s Stir Fried Garlic Lettuce from the San Francisco Chronicle before rushing off to her honeymoon! (Happy Honeymoon, Beth!) (BTW–that recipe does taste great–though when I had it, it was made with romaine lettuce.)

Finally, “The Candy Librarian” at Sugar Savvy lets us know how Hershey’s Kisses Get Their Shape. (I love The Candy Librarian. I just wanted to say that.)

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