The Return of Pad Thai

Do you remember when I wrote about pad thai the first time and mentioned that the stir-fried noodle dish was infinately variable, and that there was no one way to make it? And I said that even I didn’t make it the same way every time, and that I would change around the ingredients to […]

Food Blog Awards Update

The polls are only open for one more week at The Accidental Hedonist for the 2005 Food Blog Awards. And yes, I am nominated for Reader’s Choice: Best Post for “Meat Comes From Animals, Deal With It, Or Eat Vegetables.” More importantly, Indira of Mahanandi is nominated for Best Food Blog Recipes and Too Many […]

Thai Red Curry: A Lesson In Flavor Balance

When Americans talk about Thai food, many of them get caught up by the heat of the chile peppers, which either incites the machismo response of “I can take mine hotter than you can take yours,” or causes fear and distress among those whose palates are not accustomed to the burning sensation chiles impart to […]

All the Greens that Grow: Umami in Vegetables

Just when you thought I was finished with the umami, here comes a little bit more, this time, about umami in vegetables. We’ve already discussed umami in tomatoes, corn, mushrooms and fermented cabbage dishes such as kimchee and saurkraut. (Actually, when I wrote about umami in the West, I forgot to mention saurkraut–another lactobacillus fermented […]

Sauteed Kale with Shiitake, Balsamic Vinegar and Truffle Oil

Kale is one of my favorite winter vegetables. It always has been, though I have to admit that I seldom eat it was cooked when I grew up. In our home, kale was simmered all day on a back burner, in a big pot, seasoned with a ham hock or a hunk of jowl bacon. […]

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