Server Burp Last Night

This is just letting folks know that I had a post, a long one, with lots of links, all ready to go last night, and the server we host Tigers & Strawberries on decided to go down just as I was posting. Which means that the site was down for an unspecified length of time last night, which is a pain, but it also means that the post went to Lost and Unfound in Internet Land.

So, no post until I post about the handmade tortellini I am making today.

And thank you to the folks who emailed in concern last night–no, all is well, I am still here. Reports of my demise are premature, to say the least!


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  1. Heh, just went through hell myself. I would have chosen your problem. Details are in a little post from today at MH.

    This whole internet thing is pretty darned fragile. Makes me crazy.


    Comment by Dr. Biggles — April 4, 2006 #

  2. Glad you are back – knew you would be:)

    Comment by Maureen — April 4, 2006 #

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