Bad News About Food

Well, all in the world of food is not sweetness and light. In the past few days and weeks, some really ugly news has surfaced in the realm of food and health that I thought I would share with my readers. I do try to be positive here, but sometimes, I feel that we, as […]

The Holy Trinity of the Chinese Kitchen

In the cuisines of South Louisiana, cooks speak in reverential tones of three essential aromatic ingredients which they call, “The Holy Trinity:”onion, celery and bell pepper. Nearly every recipe starts with the Holy Trinity being sauteed in a heavy-bottomed pan, where their combined fragrance and flavor can then infuse the finished dish deliciously. Chinese cookery, […]

What To Do With Nuoc Cham: Lemongrass Beef Over Broken Rice

Simple does not equate with plain. You know, the phrase, “it’s plain and simple?” Well, in cookery, those two words do not have to go together. Food that comes together with a minimum of ingredients does not have to taste plain. Or bland. Or boring. This recipe is a classic example of what I am […]

A Sauce of Golden Glory: Nuoc Cham

Vietnamese food, for all that I have seldom cooked it in the past, may become my newest culinary obsession. Why? Because the flavors are fresh, delicate and delightful. Like Thai and Chinese foods, Vietnamese foods are an exercise in balance between flavors, colors, textures and aromas. One of my favorite aspects of Vietnamese cookery is […]

Kale With Panch Phoran

I don’t know if they grow kale in Bengal, but I bet that some sort of dark leafy green is cooked and eaten there. Folks all over the world seem to like greens, so I feel confident that while I improvised this recipe in my own kitchen, using what was on hand, that somewhere in […]

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