Spreading the Love: Some Links to Share

When I get a chance to run about the net (usually on those days when Kat insists that she must nurse for hours on end), in my virtual travels, I often find new sites to peruse. And today, I decided I wanted to share some with you, because they are really cool, and I think […]

Asparagus with Panch Phoron

Asparagus is one of those seasonal vegetables that we make gluttons of ourselves with when it is in season, until the point that we are nearly tired of it when it is gone. I say nearly tired, because I don’t think that I could get truly weary of asparagus. It is just so fresh and […]

Kashmiri Wild Mushroom Curry

Wild mushrooms are a seasonal indulgence which are a universal pleasure. Wherever edible wild mushrooms grow, people seek them out and create delectable dishes featuring their earthy flavors. This is true whether we are talking about the Appalachian highlands where folks gather meadow puffballs, shaggy inkcaps and the elusive morels, which they saute in butter […]

Creating Your Own Foolproof Chinese Stir-Fry–Step Two: The Aromatics

If you think of the main ingredients of your stir fry as the stars of your show, then the aromatics are akin to those character actors who bring a delightful amount of color, flavor and realism to a cast. Cast in supporting roles, aromatic ingredients are very much like skilled character actors in that if […]

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