Computer System Update

Hey, folks!

My new laptop which will be replacing my old desktop and ancient/pathetic/falling-apart/held-together-with-duct-tape laptop came today. Zak will be transferring files, setting up, transferring photographs and all that stuff for the next day or so.

That means no posts for a short while.

But, what that also means is that there will be fewer delays in posting -after- all of this is done. Because basically, my two old computers were just barely limping along and were tiffing with each other and not talking with each other and being general pains in the butt. So, for my birthday, a new laptop has come into my life.

So, be patient. There will be new posts soon, showcasing recipes like Beef Chow Fun (Cantonese style stir fried beef and wide rice noodles–I made it for the first time last night–oh, WOW!), Hunan beef rice noodle soup and other goodies such as that.

Also, Kat’s first birthday is coming up, so look for a picture or two of her eating cake for the first time.

And, I do have an essay or two or four planned for the upcoming weeks, and a few reader requests of recipes to post about. So–look for good things in the near future, and until they happen, be patient, read my archives, and check out some of the fantastic writers in my blogroll off to the right there. Lots of goodies to be found there, I promise!


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  1. How exciting! Good luck on the new computers. I’m looking forward to the photo of Kat eating cake for the first time. How can she possibly be a year old? I’m not a year older so how can she be?

    Comment by Nancy — September 10, 2007 #

  2. How exciting–a new laptop. my new Macbook was the highlight of my life last fall–I love being free from the desk and being able to be on the computer anywhere. Laptops really are the way to go.

    Looking forward to the new posts–the Hunan beef rice noodle soup sounds great…!

    Comment by Todd — September 12, 2007 #

  3. My new laptop is arriving on Friday so I imagine I may well have to do the same thing. I’ll be using it to blog during my travels, starting with Barcelona. Looking forward to the new stuff

    Comment by Trig — September 12, 2007 #

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