The Vegetarian Hundred

A long-time reader here at Tigers & Strawberries, upon reading my participatory post for Dave of Very Good Taste’s list of one hundred comestibles that every omnivore should try at least once, entitled The Omnivore’s Hundred, said that someone should make a list of one hundred foods that vegetarians should eat at least once. I […]

Eggplants So Sensual That They Made the Imam Faint

I love me some eggplant, and I love them every way you can make them. I like them battered and deep fried, with a tomato sauce. I like the little Asian ones braised in a Thai curry sauce, or stir fried with a Chinese garlic sauce. I love them in baba ganoush. I love them […]

A Post For Fun: The Omnivore’s Hundred

Andrew, the blogger behind the UK food blog, Very Good Taste, (and author of the book, Eat Britain) made a list of one hundred comestibles which he believes every omnivore should try at least once in their lives. He asks that other bloggers copy the list to their blogs, bold the items they have personally […]

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