The Landscape Quilt Is Finished

I finished my first landscape quilt Thursday night, in a flurry of hand-stitching. The binding, the hanging sleeve, and the label, the one that identifies it by its title, my name, and the date, all are sewn by hand. I was surprised at how quickly I could stitch all of it. Then, yesterday, afternoon, I […]

By Popular Request: My Favorite Jerk Rub Recipe

So, yesterday, I posted my version of Jamaican “peas and rice,” which is what most Americans would call red beans and rice. Whatever you call it, it is tasty–in fact, probably the tastiest beans and rice ever. A couple of readers asked for my jerk rub recipe, and so here is my favorite–the one that […]

The Tastiest Beans and Rice–Jamaican Style!

I love beans and rice. Which makes sense–when I was growing up, I loved rice. I begged Mom to make rice all the time, and even though all she knew how to make was Minute Rice, I still loved the stuff. Now, of course, I eat rice all the time, and not that weird instant […]

I Just Have To Brag

I just have to have a proud Mom moment and brag here for a little bit. Morganna, whom you can see there on the left, with her really cute new haircut and color–black looks ever so natural on her and brings out the warmth in her skin tone–has a new job. She is the newest […]

Happy Birthday, Dan: White Russian Cheesecake

Here’s Dan, with his annual birthday present from me–a cheesecake. For the past several years, I have been making Dan cheesecakes, because he has an inordinate ability to consume entire cheesecakes at a sitting. They are his favorite thing, in fact, though with my cheesecakes, he contents himself with only two pieces at a sitting, […]

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