Chicken Xacuti

Xacuti–pronounced shakooti–is a Goan preparation of prawns or chicken cooked with roasted spices and toasted fresh coconut. There are browned onions, ginger and garlic in the dish as well–and all of this toasting, roasting and browning makes for a very warming, comforting, sweet and savory curry indeed.I have eaten several different versions of the dish […]

And The Beet Goes On…My Wrist (And In My Salad)

I really used to hate beets. Well, okay, that isn’t true. I loved beets, so long as I never had to eat them. I loved the color of them–the intoxicating magenta, crimson and garnet shades arranged in concentric rings were fascinating to me as a kid. The colors of beets drew me to them like […]

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