Meatless Monday: Kale and Fingerling Potato Hash

This is a super-simple dish which you could serve with say grilled or broiled stuffed tomatoes or summer squash topped with a bit of grated cheese. Or, really, for a light lunch, you could have it alone.

You can also add sliced shiitake or regular button mushrooms to this to give even more oomph to it. In the fall, I might also add some parboiled parsnip slices–I think that the sweetness of them would go great with the lightly bitter kale.

This dish is so simple, in fact, I am not even going to give you a recipe for it–I am just going to tell you how it goes.

First, pick out how ever many fingerling potatoes you need to feed however many people you are feeding. Scrub them up well and cut them in half or in quarters if they are bigger, and plop them into cold salted water, bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer and cook until they are soft, but not mushy.

Drain them, pat them dry and set them aside.

While the potatoes cook, you start caramelizing your onions in a good quantity of olive oil. When the onions are a great shade of golden brown, add the potatoes to the pan, cut side down, and brown them as well. Sprinkle however much minced garlic you want over the potatoes and onions, and sprinkle in a little bit of some kind of chili flakes–like Aleppo or just plain old red pepper flakes–over everything.

When the potatoes are browned on the cut side, flip them over and add in however much kale you need for the amount of potatoes you have (this all depends on how many people you are feeding, mind you!) into the pan, along with about a quarter cup to a half cup of vegetable stock. Stir and fry like mad.

When the kale is wilted and the stock is mostly cooked off, add between a teaspoon and tablespoon of balsamic vinegar to the pan, and stir in well, then remove from heat. (The amount of vinegar depends, of course, on the amount of potatoes and kale you have. I bet you are surprised to hear this.)

Salt to taste, and boom–its done.

And it is really, really delicious. This winter, I will do the recipe up again with fresh shiitake mushrooms added to it.


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  1. Yum! Oddly enough I just did this with swiss chard yesterday, only adding some frizzled bits of leftover ham to it, as well.

    Comment by Jehannamama — August 10, 2009 #

  2. What a nice and easy dish.I’m going to try this with mushrooms 🙂

    Comment by Sweta — August 10, 2009 #

  3. Yummmmm! That looks awesome. I will add this to my list for the next few days and pop to the produce stand to get fresh kale.

    Comment by Kara — August 10, 2009 #

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