The Flavor of Memory: Lamb And Rice Filled Grape Leaves

On Sunday, I had a powerful desire for rice and lamb stuffed grape leaves–dolmathes, (or dolmades) as they say in Greek, or dolma in Turkish. Actually, dolma is just a general name for stuffed leaves, fruits or vegetables, stuffed grape leaves are more properly called yaprak dolma. And I wanted them home-made, none of those […]

Rethinking Rabbit

Saturday while I was browsing the farmer’s market, I was stopped by the manager, and among other things, was asked to talk to a local farmer who has just diversified into raising rabbits in addition to hogs and chickens about possibly working on his behalf to get local chefs to feature his rabbits in their […]

Did Michael Pollan Stick His Foot In His Mouth?

I have been on a partial media blackout, in an effort to not stay glued to the Internet reading news articles that generally do nothing but upset or disgust me, so I missed Michael Pollan’s most recent New York Times Magazine article titled “Out of the Kitchen and Onto the Couch.” It was pointed out […]

Meatless Monday: Kale and Fresh Tomato Dal

Dal is one of the most perfect vegetarian meals imaginable. Paired with Basmati rice and perhaps yogurt or raita, it is a complete meal, elegant in its simplicity, filled with protein, vitamins, minerals and amazing flavor. For those who are not acquainted with the beauty which is dal–the word refers in Indian cuisines to any […]

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