The First Harvest

It’s true. I should probably have let these little “Plum Purple” radishes grow a bit bigger before pulling them, but these marble-sized babies were so cute, I just had to bring them home from the garden plot. Kat ate one of them last night at dinner–it was her first radish. She watned to try it […]

Meatless Monday (Tuesday): Garlic Leek and Flageolet Soup

What the heck is Barbara on about now, readers are wondering? Not only is she a day late and a dollar short, she’s nattering on about garlic leeks. What are garlic leeks, anyway? Well, depending on which way you look at it, they’re either garlic or leeks or both, but it’s not likely you’ll find […]

Kitchen Gardens Grow Food and Families

Having grown up helping my grandparents tend their farm, I have a healthy respect for a good kitchen garden. I know exactly how much work goes into putting a garden together, how much time it takes to keep it going and how frustrating it can be when weather, bugs, and marauding raccoons do their level […]

How to Read a Seed Packet

“Oh, boy,” you must be thinking to yourself right now. “Barbara’s lost her damned mind. Why does she want to write about reading seed packets? Any idiot can read the back of a seed packet….” Well, yes, and no. Really what this post is about is understanding the information that most seed companies put on […]

Meatless Monday: Cook Local, Eat Global

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but there is a new tagline for Tigers & Strawberries, right up there at the top of the page, under the title. It says, in somewhat sketchy grammar, “Cook local, eat global.” Obviously, it’s a take on the classic saying, “Think globally, act locally,” which I have always […]

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