The Miracle of Green

I thought that we were going to be able to terrace the back yard into a workable garden space this year; alas, however, the intractable slope remains intact. The French drains that keep the water run-off from turning our grassy hill into a mudslide have collapsed, resulting in a bog at the top of the […]

How Green Was My Garlic (Scapes)

Sometimes I cannot get enough of garlic; I think it is probably my favorite member of the allium family. I use more onions by weight in my cooking than I do garlic, but that is partially because garlic manages to pack a healthy wallop of flavor in a very small package, compared to onions, so […]

How Green Was My Gazpacho

Heirloom tomatoes offer an amazing array of colors, shapes and flavors to tempt the palate and the imagination of the cook. It is great fun to use them in classic recipes to bring a new twist to old favorites. My best beloved heirloom tomatoes are the lovely little Green Zebras. They are about the size […]

Baigan Methi

I may not like summer heat, being as I tend to wilt when temperatures soar above eighty degrees, but I sure love summer. Why? Because of all the delicious locally grown produce, of course. Especially heat lovers like eggplant, known in Hindi as baigan. Look at those gorgeous little Asian eggplants up there: shiny dark […]

Improvising Summer Spaghetti

The spaghetti that I eat today is not the spaghetti I grew up with. Like many Americans whose families are not Italian in origin, I grew up primarily with spaghetti that had been overcooked into thick, mushy ropes of pasta, drowned in a fairly bland meat sauce that was almost completely devoid of the flavor […]

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