Meatless Monday (Tuesday): Garlic Leek and Flageolet Soup

What the heck is Barbara on about now, readers are wondering? Not only is she a day late and a dollar short, she’s nattering on about garlic leeks. What are garlic leeks, anyway? Well, depending on which way you look at it, they’re either garlic or leeks or both, but it’s not likely you’ll find […]

Locavore Love Cornsticks

Here is the first promised cornbread recipe featuring Shagbark’s stone ground corn and spelt flours. Might I suggest making it to go with the Shagbark turtle beans recipe I posted previously–that’s what we had for dinner last night and it was a hit with Kat, Zak and Brittney, not to mention, myself. To give you […]

Shagbark’s Black Turtle Beans

I don’t know how many readers remember a post I wrote in July 2008 entitled, “How Local Can You Realistically Go?” It was a post about the fact that it is very difficult in most areas of the United States to buy and consume locally produced staple foods such as grains and beans, and how […]

Yes, I’m Doing a Restaurant Review: Kiser’s BBQ Shack

Now, y’all know I don’t do restaurant reviews. Originally, it was because it wouldn’t be fair, me working in a local restaurant and all, to review other local restaurants–I could hardly be considered to be an unbiased taster. And, there is the fact that, while I eat out often enough, especially at places I like, […]

How To Braise A Rabbit: Braised Rabbit With Marsala Wine and Wild Mushrooms

I have to warn you: this post is quite lacking in photographs. This is because as I was braising the rabbit for the Toyota Farm to Table event, half the time I forgot to photograph every step, and the other half of the time when I did remember, I didn’t take as much time as […]

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