Baby Gai Lan With Chicken and Chilies

They say all babies are cute. And it’s mostly true. But some babies aren’t just cute; they’re tasty. Baby greens, for example, are tasty. Baby gai lan goes beyond tasty into a realm I like to call, “Well, why haven’t I been eating this my entire life?” That’s baby gai lan. It’s tiny–the stalks are, […]

Whiskey Smoked Kung Pao Beef

One night last month, I got it in my head to make Kung Pao Beef. Which is a good thing, normally, but you see, when I went to the pantry, I realized that not only did I not have any Shao Hsing wine, I had no dry sherry either. Horrors! Bad, bad, bad chef, bad […]

Black Bean Chicken With Mixed Vegetables

As if to prove to my avid omnivorous readers that I am not going to start writing exclusively about vegetarianism and presenting only vegetarian recipes, here is a quick and delicious, if non-traditional Chinese stir-fry that makes a great summer dinner that keeps the house reasonably cool, and makes a nutritious meal that is full […]

Pucca Noodles

Allright, before I tell you about these noodles I need to explain about Pucca. Pucca is a South Korean cartoon featuring the unbearably cute main character, Pucca, (pictured over there–see her?) who is the daughter of the chef of a noodle restaurant in tiny Sooga Village. The animation is somewhat South Parkesque, with the kind […]

Leftover Makeover: Got Extra Stir-Fry? Make Fried Rice

Leftover stir-fried dishes in my house usually don’t last long enough to be turned into anything else. Usually they go home with people–Morganna takes some back to her dorm room for lunch the next day, or I send some home with Dan or Amy for meals the next day. Or, if it is a chicken […]

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