A Very Moreish Moroccan Salad

As might be expected, I have been researching Arabic, Persian, North African, Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewish, Eastern Mediterranean, Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese foods, in my quest for the colors, aromas and flavors of the Silk Road. As I experiment in my kitchen, cooking and tasting, with an eye toward making dinner and lunch specials for […]

Persian Pomegranate Soup: Ash-e Anar

Pomegranates, when they are properly ripe, are a revelation of sweet aroma and tart flavor. The tiny shimmering garnet fruits burst in the mouth, shooting sweet juices tinged with a sour aftertaste, with the barest hint of bitterness from the seed within. I grew up eating one or two pomegranates a year, as treats. My […]

A Voluptuous Vegan Italian-Arabic Fusion Pasta Dish

One of my favorite subjects of study in the world is the history of food, and how the foods of various cultures evolve over time due to human exploration, trade and conquest. I find it endlessly fascinating to examine foods such is cumin, which is a favored spice in India and the Middle East, then […]

Another Greek Casserole: Pastitsio

For those rare souls who do not love moussaka, (and this dislike usually comes about because of an aversion to eggplant–something which I cannot understand myself, but which does afflict a not insignificant number of people–like Zak) there is another Greek casserole, one that is luckily, even less trouble to make, and which tastes pretty […]

Greek Salad

I love salads, especially in the summertime. And they are so easy, so simple really, but I have found that often, the simplest recipes are the ones which can go the most awry if a careless cook takes “simple” to mean “I don’t need to give this any thought, and so I can just throw […]

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