Stir Fry Technique III: Ten Steps to Better Tofu From a Wok

Following my post Stir Fry Technique: Ten Steps to Better Wok Cookery, I wrote a post specifically dealing with chicken, Stir Fry Technique II: Ten Steps to Better Chicken From a Wok. When I wrote that post, there were many requests for a similar post about tofu, so finally, after much trial and error, testing […]

Stir Frying Tofu Part I: Choose Your Tofu Wisely

Finally, I am getting around to writing about how to successfully stir fry tofu. But before I launch into my Ten Steps to Better Tofu from a Wok post, let’s talk more generally about our main ingredient. High in protein and low in fat, tofu is an ancient vegetarian food product made from ground up […]

From Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Stir Fried Smoky Bacon With Bean Curd

Back when I reviewed Fuchsia Dunlop’s new cookbook on Hunan cuisine, Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook, I promised to present several recipes from the book as an example of the fine riches that await the avid cook and reader. And I did present two recipes: Beef with Cumin and Peng’s Home-Style Bean Curd. However, two recipes are […]

From Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Peng’s Home-Style Bean Curd

This is actually the second recipe I cooked from Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook, but I am presenting it first because so far, it is my favorite. It is a simple dish, though it does require the extra step of deep-frying the tofu. However, the results are so very worth the extra time, trouble and mess that […]

Book Review: Modern Asian Flavors

Most of my current focus in building a library of Chinese cookbooks has been on out-of-print or difficult to find volumes. However, now and again, a new cookbook comes out that I find to be intriguing, so I pick it up and see what it is about. Modern Asian Flavors: A Taste of Shanghai, by […]

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