No Pictures

Something is wrong with the image browser on my blog. We are going out of town tomorrow, so here is the deal–I will post stuff until we get back, and I will take photographs, but I am not going to bother trying to fix the image browser. So, there will be no pictures here for […]

Americans Return to the Garden

After I wrote a post in May entreating Americans to return to our roots and once again become “a nation of farmers” by growing at least part of our food on whatever spot of earth we can find to cultivate, I was amazed at how strongly my ideas seemed to resonate with readers. Yesterday as […]

Family Health Issue Alert

I just found out today that my Dad will have to have a triple bypass surgery either Friday or Monday, so I probably will not be posting much, if at all, until things settle down. Thank you all for your patience–and thanks to everyone, including the folks of Athens who voted in The Best of […]

A Menu For Hope Continues…

A Menu For Hope continues on–and blog readers are giving generously to help out the school lunch program of Lesotho. I know it is hard to choose among so many amazing prizes, but do give it a shot and buy a raffle ticket or two or three. They make great gifts for those hard to […]

News Flash!

This isn’t Barbara, but Zak. Barbara went into labor prematurely this morning, and, at 11:20am, after a less than 2 hour labor (!) Kat entered the world. Since Barbara was only 34 weeks or so along, the docs are concerned about Kat’s lungs, as she’s having trouble breathing on her own. They transferred her to […]

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