Sweet Success

An apple raisin galette flavored with a bit of rose extract and wild berry glaze. Faithful readers may remember my admission that I am fumble-fingered when it comes to pastry, and that I had vowed within this year to become better able to make pies that not only tasted good, but looked like something other […]

Fools for Pho

A plate of beautiful fresh vegetables meant to customize pho. This is a love story. Like all love stories, it is about pursuit, frustration, elation and pain. It is about obsession. But it isn’t about my beloved husband, and how we came together. It is about soup. It is about a soup which arouses argument […]

The Riddle of Iron

Some of my collection of cast iron cookware. The red Le Creuset dutch oven is about forty years old and was passed down from Zak’s Grandma to me. In the lower right hand corner are the cornstick pans, the comal and the tortilla press. So, I was going through my cabinets earlier this week, and […]

Music in My Kitchen

Dagmar from A Cat in the Kitchen tagged me with this meme, so here we go: What is the total amount of music files on your computer? None. Nada, zip, zero. For all that I blog, and have been an admin or mod on various online communities and bbs’s and suchlike critters, for all that […]

Fish: Feast or Fast?

I realized that this year, Chinese New Year and Lent were on the same day. I found this to be ironic. Lots of people feasting on symbolic foods meant to bring abundance and luck in the New Year, while others begin a fast in order to in order to do penance for humanity’s betrayal of […]

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