Fiery Foods Festival

This is my favorite display from the festival–this was made by North Market Produce, and I thought it was terribly cool. Of course, I wanted to buy some of those pretty red chiles, but there were so many people milling around, it was hard to think of buying anything. Zak says that he loves me […]

Countdown to Chili

Chupacabra Chili v. 3.2 Let’s try this again, shall we? (I just killed the previous version of this post. (DOH!) The final pot of Chupacrabra Chili, v. 3.2, is cooked, and is currently sealed up in a big cast iron pot, and is cooling out on the deck. One of the best things about winter […]

Winter Returns, and Comfort Food Rules Supreme

Okay, this picture was taking a year or so ago–but it is a good illustration for what the world is looking like right about now. That is our outside cat, Pyewacket, framed by two trees in our woods. I bet he wishes he could come inside for some ma po. Two days ago, it was […]

Rite of Spring

Okay, it is not spring yet. But spring is thinking about happening. I know. I can tell. It isn’t just that there are snowdrops blooming in our garden. Nor does the one brave purple crocus who is thinking of unfurling her petals tomorrow who tells me spring is just around the corner. It isn’t the […]

Comfort Food Without Borders

Kate, in her excellent blog, “The accidental Hedonist,” wrote in a recent entry about what exactly constituted “comfort food.” She notes that comfort food is a term that is not limited to entrees, side dishes or desserts, and that it seemed to include foods that did not appear on the menus of three-star restaurants. She […]

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