Chupacabra T-Shirt, Part II

Okay, number 36 did not work, so the random number generator gave me number 2. So, if you hold the card with number 2 on it, post a reply here within three days to claim your very own Chupacabra Chili t-shirt, one of only three currently in existence, giving your email address so I can […]

A Boy and His Dog, I Mean, Dough

Zak’s second loaf of bread, pictured with the rest of dinner and the banneton which he used for proofing the dough. The shape of the basket made an interesting spiral design on the bread. So, the end of February seems like a good time to talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Right? Well, I think so. […]

Spiced Dry Tofu

Two favorite ingredients in my kitchen: jalapeno chile peppers and spiced dry tofu. Spiced dry tofu is a great variant on tofu that I suggest people try if they are of the belief that they “don’t like tofu.” I know lots of people have told me that “I don’t like tofu, but when I had […]

Wrapping up the Chupacabra Chili

Here is the design on the t-shirt we are giving away. The T is a baseball shirt with black three-quarter length sleeves, sized extra large. Okay, first, let’s talk about this t-shirt contest. Saturday, at the North Market’s Second Annual Fiery Foods Festival, I gave out fifty business cards with the Chupacabra design pictured above […]

The Pizza Tree: A Story about the Chef’s Dog

Liriel, the dog who is trying to grow a pizza tree. Okay, I wasn’t going to post anything else until tomorrow when I posted the Chupacabra Chili recipe tomorrow, but as I was doing dishes, I looked outside and beheld a most droll sight and had to share. The above picture is one of our […]

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