Wok Words

The cast iron wok surrounded by other Chinese cooking tools, including a bamboo steamer, bamboo cutting board, two cleavers, a wire and bamboo skimmer and the wok shovel. Gong hay fat choy! Or, in other words, happy new year! Today is the first day of the Chinese year of the Rooster, and it is a […]

Kung Pao Creation Myth

The finished dish, still steaming hot in the wok. Note that there is not much sauce; what is there clings tightly to the ingredients, and does not pool in the wok. We ate some of the chili last night. I made a mistake in forgetting that frozen chiles are much more hot than fresh or […]

Chupacabra Part Two

As promised, here is a link to the art for the Chupacabra chili t-shirts we are having made through CafePress. The plan is to wear shirts to the Fiery Foods Festival and also give out postcards with the art on them to every person who tastes the chili. Each card will have a different number […]

Chupacabra Sunday

My Mom and Dad are big football fans, so I grew up watching the Super Bowl; Mom always made chili for supper, and we’d have friends over to watch with us. Mom’s chili is sort of your typical Americana ground beef and kidney beans affair, not at all spicy, but it tasted good and it […]

Scary Cookies

If this wasn’t a legitimate news outlet, I would be suspicious of this story. Two young girls baked cookies and tried to give them to a neighbor, but she was afraid because they knocked on the door after dark? And then, not only does she not open the door to see who it is and […]

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