The Skinny on Bison

A long time ago, in a land not so far away, bison ruled the central plains. In great herds they roamed, grazing the prairie grasses in a web of interdependence between plant and mammal. The native tribes hunted them, and from their bodies came food, clothing, shelter, medicine, tools and household items. They were a […]

Green Gold

The ramps are up, and my tastebuds are happy! Spring is definitely here! On Saturday, at the farmer’s market, I came upon a nice young couple selling little bundles of freshly cut ramp greens as well as pesto made from ramps. Of course, I had to buy some, even though I knew I would be […]

Puttanesca: Fast Food for Fast Women

The finished dish of Puttanesca; it is best if you toss the pasta with the sauce in the pan, but I didn’t remember that last night. Puttanesca is a classic Neapolitan pasta sauce based on olives, tomatoes, capers and anchovies. The name comes from the Italian, “puttana,” which means, “whore,” and there are several different […]

Eat Drink Man Woman

I suppose it should come as no surprise that I adore Ang Lee’s 1994 film, Eat Drink Man Woman.If you like Chinese cooking and food, or if you are an aspiring Chinese cook, the opening sequence alone is worth the price of the DVD. Lee throws down and uses food as a metaphor for love; […]

Community Supported Agriculture

Produce from my organic garden last summer: tomatoes, chiles, tomatillos and basil. This could also represent part of a weekly share for a subscriber to a CSA. CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture,” and it refers to an innovative style of direct-marketing that brings farmers and consumers together in a visible web of interdependence. This […]

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