I Scream…

So, thanks to Kris, the nameless ice cream with ginger and lavender now has a name: Creme Glace Chinoise. Kris; I would send you a pint of the ice cream in question as a tangible thank you, however, I fear it would melt by the time it got to you. By then, most of what […]

Ice Cream Fusion Reaction

Lavender-ginger ice cream beside an apple galette with golden raisins and dried cranberries. This time, when I added the raisins, cranberries and almonds to the filling, I put them -under- the apples, rather than on top where they burned last time. This worked perfectly, I am pleased to report. I don’t often make desserts. Mainly, […]

Flower Power

To commemorate the first day of the growing season, I served a salad with roasted spring beets, ripe pears, mixed greens, goat cheese and almonds garnished with a single pansy from my garden. Zak and I made dinner for his parents tonight; he had to show off his new bread-baking skills, so I planned and […]

Plastic Not-So-Fantastic Strawberries

Really fresh and really local: strawberries from our first harvest last year. They were completely superior to the ones available in the grocery store in every respect. Is it just me, or have the strawberries you get in the grocery store become prettier and less flavorful over the past few years? They are large, they […]

Bison, Part II

I really should have put this link on my last post, but duh, I was writing quickly and was on my way out the door to do a thousand errands to prepare for the furniture that is coming tomorrow and the refrigerator that is coming tomorrow. The refrigerator completes the suite of necessary items to […]

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