Weekend Cat Blogging: Kitten Has a Brand New Name

Indrid the Kitten is still with us, though he did catch a bit of a sniffly-virus and had to go to the vet. Now, he is breathing easier, and is back to his merry japes and larks and kittenesque games. However, he is such a sweet-tempered little fellow, that Morganna decided that “Indrid,” which comes […]

Duck Sauce Cookies?

It all started one Yule eve, many years ago (okay, only five years ago) when I had made about six batches of different kinds of cookies that day. And it was late, but I felt that I had one more batch of cookies in me, so I eyed my ingredients store, and cast about for […]

I Dunno, Lad, But It’s Green….

Every time my Mom visits me and ’tis the season, I cook her up a pan of fried green tomatoes (green as in unripe, not green as in a tomato that is green when ripe)–yet another classic southern dish that gives away my hillbilly Applachian heritage. But I do it, because both she and I […]

A Note from the Blog Administrator: Comment Spam

I suppose it is inevitable. Once you get a certain amount of readership on a blog, comment spam will ensue. Until a few days ago, Tigers & Strawberries had been blissfully untouched by the phenomina, but that has changed. This morning, I awoke to twenty-seven bogus comments from a variety of “commenters,” all advertising for […]

Lingering Scents

It is good to wake up to the lingering mingled scents of last night’s stir fry. Since I have two kitchens, and currently the upstairs kitchen has the more powerful stove, I do all of my stir-frying upstairs. There is inadequate ventilation, so if what I cook is strongly-scented, it hangs around at least until […]

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