Those Darned Chemicals, Part III: What are Food Additives, and Why Worry About Them?

Since I am doing this series (and I am glad to see that people are enthusiastic about it) on the topic of what synthetic chemicals are allowed in processed foods given the USDA Certified Organic seal of approval, I think I should probably talk a little bit about food additives in general and what they […]

Gastronomica and Julia

Being such a culinary nerd, I have read and subscribed to a lot of cooking magazines over the years. In point of fact, I have several large file boxes filled with back issues of Fine Cooking, Cook’s Illustrated, Chile Pepper, Eating Well, Culinary Trends, Food & Wine, and Bon Appetit sitting around in the spare […]

Those Darned Chemicals, Part II: What is Really Going On Here?

Before I continue with my alphabetical list of the thirty-five synthetic food additives that the USDA currently allows food producers to include in products that are granted the USDA Certified Organic label, I want to talk about how I view food additives in general. Food additives are a necessity for most processed foods. Some of […]

Those Darned Chemicals

You know, I get curious when I get a whiff that there is a bit of fuss going on over nothing. Or if the fuss isn’t exactly over nothing, it is out of proportion with the cause of the ruckus. After I read the article about the “thirty-eight synthetic chemicals” that the USDA is thinking […]

Food…and Cats in the News

Coming Soon to a Grocery Store Near You: Cloned Cow Scary huh? Cloned cow. Oooh. Spooky. Well, not really, no. At least, not to me. You know, there are reasons to get het up about factory farming. The maltreatment of animals, the unsanitary conditions of barns and slaughterhouses, the degradation of the environment due to […]

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