A Menu for Hope, Part II

I’ve been asked by Pim to participate in the gift-giving drive for “A Menu for Hope,” the annual food blogging event for charity that is to benefit the victims of the earthquake that recently hit Kashmir. In order to encourage as much giving to the great cause of helping these unfortunate folks in Kashmir, various […]

2005 Food Blog Award Reminder

This is just a reminder to everyone that nominations for the 2005 Food Blog Awards are ongoing over at Accidental Hedonist until this Friday, December 16th. Thank you to those who have nominated me in several categories, including Best Writing, Best New Blog and Best Post. I really do appreciate your support of my efforts […]

A Menu for Hope

‘Tis the season to be giving, loving and kind. In truth, I hope that everyone is always giving, loving and kind, but around this time of year, people seem to be reminded that such virtues are desireable personal qualities in themselves and others. Pim, along with quite a few other well-known food bloggers, are coming […]

Thoughts on Kitchen Remodeling and Design

Before we undertook to redo the kitchen in this house, I did research. Mostly this consisted of looking at kitchen design magazines. And while looking at photographs of gorgeous kitchens from all over the world, I realized a few things about myself that I had never articulated before. One of them was that I don’t […]

Late Weekend Cat Blogging: Kitten in the Middle

I have been remiss in my weekend cat blogging duties recently, so I am attempting to rectify the situation today, even if I am getting around to it a bit late. That is because I have been moving stuff into the kitchen all day and preparing for the cookie and brownie making blitz that will […]

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