Because I Was Asked..My Top Ten Favorite Foods

So, I was minding my own business, reading other people’s blogs, and not posting on my own, when I noticed over at Haverchuk, that Michael had twanged me with a meme. And not just any meme, but a meme that is damned hard to answer. He wants me to tell him what my ten favorite […]

Barbara’s Cookbook Gift Guide

This post really isn’t self-serving. It is simply a response to reading the holiday cookbook gift guides in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. In perusing the professionals’ lists, I saw quite a bit of overlap, particularly between the Times and the Post–to the point that I wonder whether […]

The AGA is Installed

After the dust has settled and the drama is done, our kitchen is fully functional. All that is left to do is the cosmetic stuff, like putting on the outlet and switchplate covers–which came today and look fantastic and match the cabinet hardware perfectly. The still unnamed AGA is in place, hooked up and working. […]

Kitchen Drama

It had all been going so well. So smoothly, so…easy. But, this morning when the installer came in, he said, “They didn’t leave enough room for your stove.” It is off by a half inch. So, they have to move the cabinets to the left of the stove over to the doorframe. Then, take up […]

Cast Iron Cookware and Soap

So, I was reading the New York Times today, for the first time in a while, and noticed that Mark Bittman has taken to using old-fashioned, cast iron skillets to cook in. And that made me happy. Because I grew up with cast iron skillets that have been passed down from hand to hand over […]

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