The Spice Is Right: A Reminder

I want to thank the folks who have joined in to play with the first edition of The Spice is Right; y’all have sent me some fantastic posts and photos on the theme of “Ancient Spices.” I can’t wait to start doing the round up, because there is a lot to recommend all the goodies that have been sent in my email.

But there is still a wee bit of time left–you have until tomorrow at midnight to send me a post about an ancient spice–so, if you are so inclined, hop to!

And if you have already sent it in–be patient, and I promise a wrap up, if not by Sunday, by Monday. I do have a very full weekend ahead, so I may be slow (besides, this is my first wrap-up post, so be gentle!) but I promise that the results will be well worth the wait.

Now, there is a thunderstorm rolling in, so I best end this post and start working on the special announcement post that I promised last night, or some folks who have been waiting in suspense might get cranky if I don’t get to post before the lightning starts coming thick and fast!


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  1. Alas, we botched our entry this time around (or rather, we couldn’t quite find the ingredients we needed and then ran out of time), but I hope we’ll be on board for next time, and we’re looking forward to the round-up!

    Comment by mrs D — April 16, 2006 #

  2. Mrs. D–maybe you can jump in on the second one–the theme will be announced tomorrow!

    Comment by Barbara — April 18, 2006 #

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