The First Pesto of the Year!

It does sound a bit early for pesto, at least, when we are talking about Southeastern Ohio, and I just planted my big self-watering planter filled with pesto plants on Saturday. However, my CSA farmers are clever; they have several greenhouses, one with hot water pipes running under the beds, so they started some genovese […]

Reminder: The Spice is Right II–“Sweet or Savory?”

Hey, all you spice fans out there–this is just a quick reminder that the deadline for the second edition of The Spice is Right: “Sweet or Savory?” is next week, on the 15th. You have exactly seven days to post your entry onto your blog and email me your name, your blog name, and the […]

Grubbing in the Dirt

It is hard for me to imagine talking about local, sustainable foodsheds without talking about gardening. The two go hand in hand. And speaking of hands, there is no greater pleasure on earth for me, (other than tearing into a freshly baked loaf of whole grain bread, steaming and fragrant from the oven) than sinking […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: Organic, Inc.

Samuel Fromartz’ excellent and well-researched book, subtitled, Natural Foods and How They Grew, takes a look at the rise of organic foods from its its infancy as a niche agricultural method practiced by a very few who were often laughed off as cranks and crackpots, to the continually growing, increasingly corporate sector of the food […]

Local Spring Flavors Dance Together in a Global Fusion

There are few flavors more evocative of spring than asparagus, lamb, green garilc and mint. And, as it so happens, they are also extremely local flavors as well; all over the farmer’s market on Saturday, there were bundles of asparagus, ranging from thumb-thick spears to dainties thinner than a pencil. Lamb, too, is a traditional […]

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