Local Produce Find: Bright Lights Chard

It isn’t often that I come across a vegetable that I have not yet tried, but when I do, I nearly always buy some, cook it and see what it tastes like. Most of the time, I like it pretty well, but sometimes, I find something that I just love. Chard is one of those […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: The $64 Tomato

When I started this series of book reviews last August, I chose titles that I assumed folks who wanted to eat locally would want to know about, including Brian Halweil’s Eat Here and Gary Paul Nabhan’s Coming Home to Eat. Both of these books are specifically about local foodsheds and the process by which individuals […]

Thai Spicy Chicken, Basil and Asparagus

I decided last August that local eating didn’t have to preclude global flavors. When I made the choice to continue to eat condiments and foods that have never been and will never be produced in Ohio, while choosing Ohio-produced staple foods: vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and dairy items, that meant I didn’t have to give […]

Oatmeal Cookies: Homely, Humble And Just Darned Tasty

Some of my favorite dishes are not very appealing to look at. Some of them are downright ugly. Shepherd’s pie is that way. So is split pea soup. Many dishes with beans and southern cooked greens are less than attractive–one glance at the beans, ribs and greens in my Hillbilly Deluxe Dinner (you pronounce that […]

Anti Comment Spam Plug-ins enabled

Hello. Zak here. Just thought I’d pop on & let folks know that I’ve enabled a few anti-comment spam plug-ins for T&S, as Barbara & I have noticed a definite up-tick in the rate of BUY MY DRUUUUUGS comments of late. It’s possible that a well-meaning poster may get a nag-screen, and, for that, we […]

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