The Spice Is Right: Sweet Or Savory Round-Up Part I

Well, I am pleased to see a staggering number of entries to the second edition of “The Spice is Right,” and am happy to note that we have a few new faces here, jumping in to play the game this time around. As I noticed in the first round, there were trends and patterns appearing […]

There May Come A Day Without Food Blogs

A couple of readers brought this issue to my attention a week or so ago, and I have been meaning to blog about it. Then, Pim got ahold of it, and suggested “A Day Without Food Blogs” where food bloggers use their front pages to publicize the fact that big telecom service providers such as […]

Cinnamon: Sweet or Savory?

Growing up in Applachia, there was one spice, other than pepper, that was in everyone’s cabinet: cinnamon. Specifically, ground cinnamon. It wasn’t until I was a young adult that I saw sticks of cinnamon, which is the bark of either the cinnamon or cassia tree, which are peeled up and allowed to dry into curled […]

Mother’s Day: Flowers and Cookbooks

Morganna went dashing out this morning to pick me wildflowers for my Mother’s Day gift. However, she regretted not being able to get them before I drafted her to help me cook breakfast: scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, herbs and chive blossoms, with toast. Zak, at breakfast, when Morganna voiced this regret, pointed out that […]

The Spice is Right Sweet or Savory Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that the deadline for the second edition of The Spice is Right–Sweet or Savory is tomorrow, May 15th at midnight. However, if you really want to participate, and haven’t gotten around to posting a recipe (you notice mine is late, too), I will give you until midnight Tuesday, May […]

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