A Magickal Transformation: Blueberry Baked German Pancake

There are some dishes that seem more to be the work of an alchemist or a sorceress than something a mere cook has whipped together in the kitchen. Baked German pancakes are one such dish: from a simple, runny batter of eggs, milk, flour, salt and butter, poured into a shallow baking dish and popped […]

Sour Cherry Lattice Top Pie

One of the prettiest pies known to humanity is a sour cherry lattice top pie. Or, at least, I think so. The brilliant color of the cherries is set off by the seemingly intricate woven strips of pastry; the fruit looks like round ruby baubles set in a golden filagree. The openwork top also allows […]

Finding Substitutes for Black Pepper

Under normal circumstances, I would never advocate that a person attempt to find a substitute for the flavor of black pepper–or really, any other spice. They all taste unique, and substitutions do not happen on a one-to-one basis. However, when I discovered recently that I had developed an allergy to black pepper (which I still […]

Indo-Persian Cherry Kofta

The sour cherries are in season here in southeastern Ohio, and I am thrilled. Last year, I wrote a long post detailing my childhood obsession with sour cherries; for those who want to hear about how I, as a wee child, defended my own two sour cherry trees tooth and claw from the depradations of […]

Some More Food In The News

Cat Meat Restaurant in China Closes Due to Protests Recently I wrote about why it is that some people object to cute animals suffering but not “uncute” ones like pigs who also suffer, and I kind of wish that I had seen this article while I was working on the essay. I have known for […]

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