The “Making Of” the Time Magazine Article

I’ve had a number of people ask me what it is like to “be in Time Magazine,” and what the photo-shoot experience was like. Rather than answer everyone individually, I decided to just write a quick “the making of” post here, so that the curious can be satisfied. What is it like to be interviewed? […]

New Organic Foods Forum Up And Running

A friend of mine (thank you, Heather!) sent me email alerting me to a new forum for folks interested in organic foods, issues of sustainability, local foods, organic farming, gardening and the like. The Forum, called Sustain360, is sponsored by a roster of organizations and and companies that include The Organic Center, Environmental Working Group, […]

I Had To Do It: Bulgogi Burgers

It is all Sarah Gim’s fault. I was perusing Slashfood the other day, and ran smack into her post, “Food Porn: The Bulgogi Burger,” and had an instant craving. (Any woman who has been pregnant knows exactly what I mean when I say, “instant craving.”) What the heck is a bulgogi burger? Well, Sarah took […]

The Spice is Right III: A Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that the deadline for The Spice is Right III: “The Perfumed Garden” is coming up on June 15th! I have recieved a few very lovely entries already, and I hope to hear from a few more folks who are willing to mix the flavors of edible flowers with spices […]

The Great Scape (Garlic, That Is….)

Cooking locally is a challenge to some; to me, it is just good, honest fun. When I combine cooking locally with blogging, everything just gets that much more fun, because I get ideas from other bloggers and from commenters on my blog on recipes to use my newly-found farmers market treasures. Take garlic scapes, for […]

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