Lavender-Cardamom Pancakes with Rose-Infused Strawberries

When I set my mind towards this month’s The Spice is Right: The Perfumed Garden, I wanted to make a savory recipe, such as roasted chicken with rose petals or a lavender-infused potatoes au gratin, but I never really got around to it. The one thing I did make, I wasn’t completely happy with: it […]

Why Do People Only Love Cute Animals?

The ethics of meat eating are a curious, tangled concept that I suspect many have struggled with over the years. I know that I am very fascinated with the ways in which people separate out what animals are good for eating versus those which are taboo, and how cultures and individuals navigate these societal “rules” […]

The Deadline for The Spice is Right III: The Perfumed Garden Approaches

This is just a super-quick reminder that the deadline for this month’s The Spice is Right event is tomorrow evening at midnight EST. You still have plenty of time to join the fun and play the game if you are interested; the rules are here. Look for another post today, on the subject of eating […]

Not Live Radio: Live TV….

Okay, when I got contacted by WOUB, I assumed that it was WOUB, the NPR affiliate radio station here at Ohio University. Well, actually, it was WOUB, the PBS affliate television station here at Ohio University. How did it come about? Because the station manager saw me in Time….He emailed me and asked if I […]

On Edible Flowers

Edible flowers were and are all the rage in some culinary circles, but I find many people hesitant either to try and cook with flowers, or to eat them if they are served. This hesitancy probably stems from unfamiliarity with the long-standing custom of eating flowers and using them as flavorings in food. It probably […]

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