Michael Pollan’s Simple Rules For Healthy Eating

Avid reader Bomboniera sent me an article by Michael Pollan from the January 28th issue of the NY Times entitled, “Unhappy Meals.” Unfortunately, one has to pay to read it on the Times site as it has already been archived , however, it is available on Pollan’s site for free. I wanted to point folks […]

The Return of Food in the News

Big Pork vs. Little Lactavist I found this on Metafilter yesterday: The National Pork Board, in their infinite compassion and sense of moral clarity, sent a threatening legal letter to a central Ohio mom (and author of The Lactavist Blog) who had produced a clever t-shirt with the slogan, “The Other White Milk” and was […]

From Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Stir Fried Smoky Bacon With Bean Curd

Back when I reviewed Fuchsia Dunlop’s new cookbook on Hunan cuisine, Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook, I promised to present several recipes from the book as an example of the fine riches that await the avid cook and reader. And I did present two recipes: Beef with Cumin and Peng’s Home-Style Bean Curd. However, two recipes are […]

My Kitchen Saint

I suppose it should come to no surprise to anyone that Julia Child is my Kitchen Saint, since just this summer I wrote about my experience going on a pilgrimage to see her kitchen, which is ensconced in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. But, since I cook primarily Asian foods, most particularly Chinese. […]

Asian Ways With American Winter Greens, Part II

I have found that nearly everyone, the world over, eats greens, in one form or another. In my native Southern Appalachian tradition, we cook them long and slow, over low heat, with some sort of smoked pork product. Often, onions, garlic and hot peppers are added, and then, at the end, they are dressed with […]

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