Good Greens: Gai Lan With Hunan Salted Chilies and Ground Bean Sauce

The seasons shift; a veil of mist shrouds the hills surrounding Athens, and the multi-hued leaves whisper, wafting to the newly damp ground in fluttering waves of amber, gold, russet and brown. The winds have grown chill with autumn’s first frost, and most of the plants which grew summer’s tender fruits, vegetables and herbs have […]

Michael Pollan On The Farm Bill

We all know what the Farm Bill is, don’t we? Well, in case we don’t, Michael Pollan steps up to the plate and explains the history of it, the significance of it, and the particulars of the 2007 Farm Bill in his recent OpEd piece, “Weed It and Reap.” He notes in his well-reasoned essay […]

Homestyle Tofu, Beef and Autumn Vegetable Stir Fry

I know that I haven’t posted much about Chinese food recently. Bad, wicked Barbara! Shame on me! It is mostly because I had posted so many recipes for Chinese noodles (and yes, I will go back to those eventually, I promise, promise, promise), then got distracted by all of the canning and food preserving, that […]

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