Persian Pomegranate Soup: Ash-e Anar

Pomegranates, when they are properly ripe, are a revelation of sweet aroma and tart flavor. The tiny shimmering garnet fruits burst in the mouth, shooting sweet juices tinged with a sour aftertaste, with the barest hint of bitterness from the seed within. I grew up eating one or two pomegranates a year, as treats. My […]

The Literary Approach to Raising a Little Foodie: The Books of Amy Wilson Sanger

I know that quite a few of you don’t have babies or children of your own. But you may well have nieces or nephews, or a number of friends who have decided to procreate, or heck, maybe even a neighbor or co-worker is about to have a baby. What is the perfect gift for a […]

A New Recipe Category

This is just a quick post to let my readers know that I have put a new category up for vegetarian, vegan and almost vegetarian recipes, and have nearly finished going back over my archives and adding recipes to that category which seem to fit. What does “almost vegetarian” mean in this context? It refers […]

What The Heck Is That?!

“Alas, poor Yorik, I knew him well?” No, no, I am not holding a skull in my hand there–that is a giant puffball. Which, for those who have never seen one, is a wild meadow mushroom, Calvatia gigantea. The one you see in my hand here is a not very large one–some of them can […]

The Shiksa’s At It Again: Sephardic Matzo Ball Soup

“Sephawhuh?” I am sure that thought is running through many folks’ minds when they read the title of this post, but be at peace, and let me explain a bit. “Sephardic”, is a term which refers to Jews from Italy and the Iberian Peninsula–meaning Spain and Portugal. It is one of the designations of Jews […]

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