Taste vs. Flavor, Or, In Praise of Our Noses

I was reading somewhere on the net, a thread of conversation about food, foodies, and what makes a foodie a foodie. In the middle of this wide-ranging discussion, one commenter postulated that most foodies were supertasters who have tongues which can discriminate between the most subtle nuances of flavor between different foods. Except, as another […]

Inspiration For A Light Supper: Moroccan Chicken Salad

In creating dinner specials for Restaurant Salaam, I have found inspiration in sometimes surprising places. Of course, I am inspired by recipes I have found in the many dozens of cookbooks covering the regions of North Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, India and Western China which I have in my collection. This goes […]

Culinary New Year’s Resolutions v.3.0

For the past two years, early in January, I wrote posts describing my culinary resolutions for the coming year, and since they were so much fun the first two times, here I am again. As before, these resolutions deal not just with the kitchen, but also with this blog, my writing, and life in general. […]

A New Way With Sweet Potatoes

I mentioned a few days ago that I could have called 2007 “The Year of Panch Phoron.” Well, the truth is, I didn’t really start cooking with it until March of 2007, so until March 2008, at my house, it is still “The Year of Panch Phoron.” Which means I’ll still be experimenting with my […]

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