The Food Of Angels: Pasta With Prosciutto, Peas And Parmigiano

This is one of my all-time favorite dishes from Northern Italy, but I have never cooked it before now. Which is sort of weird, but when I first had it, back when I lived in Providence, Rhode Island, I didn’t have to make it. I could just walk into any number of little restaurants up […]

A New and Interesting Food Blog: World Foodie Guide

I just became aware of a new (only three or four months old) food blog from London which I think is a fun and interesting read. World Foodie Guide, written by Helen Yuet Ling Pang, a British Chinese woman who is the child of a restaurant owner, is in part a guide to the restaurants […]

Chinese Wheat Noodles With Mushroom-Tofu Sauce

On a cold winter night, when the weather is blustery and damp, there is nothing that warms myself and my family up more than a bowl of za jiang mein–Chinese wheat noodles tossed with a hearty, spicy-sweet meat and tofu sauce and topped with crisp raw or blanched vegetables. And since last night, our weather […]

Brussels Sprouts: A Much Maligned Vegetable Finally Comes Home

I admit it. I used to be a hater. I used to hate brussels sprouts, and could never understand why in the world anyone in possession of their senses would ever want to eat one, much less more than one of these mutant, alien miniature cabbage heads. They were mushy, watery, bitter, and smelled like–well, […]

Muhammara: It’s Vegan, It’s Good For You and It’s Damned Sexy

Muhammara is a dip, spread, sauce, condiment or salad that is said to have originated in Aleppo, Syria, although, it is served and eaten all over the Middle East. It is also sexy: red, a little spicy, smooth, and oh so slippery on the tongue and tingly on the lips. It’s like a long kiss […]

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