This Should Surprise No One: Dangerous Mercury Levels Found in Sushi Tuna in NYC

I love me some tuna. Toro, maguro, yellowfin-I love them all. I love the roseate slices draped over nigiri, enrobing the rice and vinegar balls with their delicate flavor and buttery rich texture. Even more, I love the sensual process of eating tuna sashimi, plucking each slice like the petal of a fleshy blossom, dipping […]

It’s Storytime: My Dad and the Cow

This is a true story I’m about to tell you. I know it’s true, because while I wasn’t yet born, I have heard the story, over and over, told by all the participants, my whole life. It is an illustration of the sort of people my parents were, and a glimpse at the kind of […]

Pakistani Meat and Potatoes

I grew up eating meat and potatoes at least once a day; but I never had them in a curry until I was an adult. The first time I ate this curry, it was at the home of a Pakistani friend’s mother, who put it in front of me humbly and said, “This is not […]

Cardamom Waffles With Cherries and Almonds

I was shocked when my father-in-law admitted to us a few years ago that he had never, in his life, had a waffle. (When we asked why, he said he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t eaten a waffle, except that he figured they just couldn’t be that exciting.) We therefore, took him to eat at […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: In Defense of Food

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