Cookbook Review: Food Adventures

Kat is just a few days shy of her six-month birthday, and her new pediatrician, after hearing how the wee tenacious one has been dive-bombing after my toast every morning, has given us the all-clear to start her on solids. In the US, that means giving her rice cereal, which is deemed the most harmless […]

My Favorite Chinese Cookbooks For Beginners–In No Particular Order

People often ask me what my favorite Chinese cookbook is, and I never can give a simple answer. For one thing, I collect them, and have well over a hundred different titles at this point, some of them brand new, in-print books, and others out of print, some of them even vanishingly rare. For another […]

Inspired by Kylie Kwong: Bok Choy With Oyster Sauce, Ginger and Fermented Black Beans

Now that I have posted a list of basic Chinese pantry items, I think the next step is to create a series of simple recipes using a minimum of ingredients which just about anyone can recreate. The goal is to simplify Chinese cooking for Americans who have limited access to Asian markets while still making […]

From Simple Chinese Cooking: Chicken with Cashews

Chicken with cashews is a perennial favorite on the menu of Chinese restaurants all over the world. Being that I love both chicken and cashews, by all rights I should love it. However, far too often in my experience, it is a disappointing dish. Overcooked, bland chicken and soggy cashews drowning in puddles of oil […]

Book Review: Simple Chinese Cooking

Kylie Kwong is a successful Australasian restaurateur, chef, television personality and cookbook author whose aim is to demystify Chinese cookery and make it accessible to the average home cook. While her new book Simple Chinese Cooking is a really good step in that direction, there is too little emphasis on technique to truly explicate even […]

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